Step by Step: Michael Sengl

Step by Step.

Bachelor Studies

From 2015 to 2018 I studied Media and Communication (B.A.) at the University of Passau.

My personal highlights were a TV-Show on the German federal elections 2017 and the Crossmedia Summer School.

For my bachelor thesis, I researched which factors on a personal level empower recipients to evaluate the credibility of online news sources properly.


Since 2018 I work as a reseach assistant and lecturer for the Chair of Communication Science at the University of Passau.

Prof. Dr. Ralf Hohlfeld supervises my PhD studies . My dissertation focuses on the influence of convergent workflows in newsrooms on the working conditions and the individual news output.

My PhD studies are supported by the Bavarian Science Forum (BayWISS), I am part of the collaborative PhD network  "Communication & Media".

Since 2019 I am a research assistant at the