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Currently, I am working as a research associate for Prof. Dr. Ralf Hohlfeld, Chair of Communication Science at the University of Passau.

I am writing my dissertation about The Influence of Crossmedia Convergence on the quality on individual journalists' news output.

In my courses, I focus on the challenges for high quality journalism in times of digitalisation and media convergence.

High Quality Journalism

... is a central part of every pluralistic democracy. Only with trustworthy and high-quality journalism we are able to form an opinion on issues bigger than what we experience in our daily lifes. This imposes the question how media companies can survive in a more and more digital and globalized future where many of our decisions are based on their reporting.

crossmedia Convergence

... means that media companies grow together, journalistic desks merge and content is not just being produced for one, but for many channels at once. This leads to big changes in the organization but also in the media content – an exciting and important area of research!

Newsroom Studies

... try to understand the abovementioned changes. How do media companies deal with the current and future developments? And how does this impact journalists' working routines and, therefore, their output?

Fake news

... is a trending topic. But how do they differ from simple mistakes in reporting, how do they influence our society and how can recipients learn to deal with them?



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... in the making!

conferences - Seminars - Workshops

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SS 19

  • Radio Journalism

WS 18/19

  • Online Communication and Crossmedia
  • Aspects of Public Communication – Political Communication

WS 17/18

  • Introduction to Communication Science